Putting Our Patient’s Health First

Having a plan to put the patient’s health first has made Evansville OB/GYN the first name that comes to mind when looking for gynecology care. We believe that meeting with a physician and team is essential to the personal, caring treatment we provide.

Our physician, Dr. Hastetter, will see to it that if you have a health issue that requires treatment, you will not only fully understand the options but will feel confident that your decision is the right decision. From his years of in-depth experience to his staff’s team abilities, you will receive the most effective and comfortable solution to your gynecological health needs. Our office also offers ultrasounds to be done in our office to minimize the stress of multiple appointments.

It is because of the patient dedication and devotion that thousands of Tri-State women have called Evansville OB/GYN their personal office and Dr. Hastetter their personal physician. With the most compassionate approach to patients, women trust Evansville OB/GYN to the point that they have the highest local referral rate for daughters of patients.

By staying up to date with the latest in office procedures, you can be assured that you will benefit from the latest gynecological technology available, ensuring the fastest procedure recovery time and most positive procedure outcomes. Whether it is for regular appointments or specific concerns, we welcome you to meet Dr. Hastetter and his staff at Evansville OB/GYN for your personal appointment.

If you’re looking to schedule your mammogram or DEXA scan, we have provided a link below that allows for patient friendly scheduling.

Doctor consulting nurse on a chart